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Scuba Refresher Session

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Not been diving in a while? Refresh your scuba diving skills with a BSAC Scuba Refresher session and let the adventure continue…

If it’s been a while (maybe six months or maybe ten years or more!) since you were last in the water, you may:

  • Have forgotten how to put the dive gear together?
  • Worried about your buoyancy control?
  • forgot all the basic Skills?.

All of the above is absolutely fine and it’s what we do all the time – support divers in getting back in the water and up to speed.

Refresh your skills with a BSAC club
To get started, you can book a Scuba Refresher session to refresh your basic scuba skills with a BSAC club. A qualified instructor will take you through skills in a swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t dived for years or have just done a handful of dives, the session will be tailored to you.

Reinforcing scuba skills originally taught in training courses is the best way to keep safe and is an important part of club life. Most clubs give members the opportunity to reinforce skills every week.

One of the great things about BSAC club life is that as part of a club you have access to highly trained and experienced instructors who will happily teach and support you as part of your club membership.

What is a Scuba Refresher?

Refresh your practical scuba skills in a pool up to BSAC Ocean Diver level or equivalents such as PADI Open Water or PADI Advanced Open Water level (excludes Nitrox training). At the end of this session, you should:

  • Be able to assemble scuba equipment
  • Be able to conduct a Buddy Check and have good buddy skills
  • Be able to clear and replace your mask
  • Be able to clear and replace a demand valve
  • Have a good finning action
  • Have good buoyancy control skills – have achieved a horizontal trim position underwater
  • Have good rescue skills – full alternative source (AS) ascent and controlled buoyant lift (CBL) with tow
  • Be confident with deeper entry and exit techniques
  • Know the signals for ‘OK’, ‘stop’, ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘you watch me’, ‘you do’ and ‘something wrong’
  • Be able to dismantle and wash down a scuba unit
Book a Scuba Refresh session!

Book your Scuba Refresher session with a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. For just £25, we will provide the pool, kit, and bags of fun!

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