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Vobster Weekend Training Adventure

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Date: 29th April – 30rth April 2023
Location: Vobster
Visibility: 5 Meters +
Surface Temperature: 10 degrees

The club made its first-ever trip to Vobster Quay

The weekend’s main purpose was to get several trainees qualified. Due to the depth restrictions at lakes local, it was not possible to complete some of the training locally.

We had one Discovery Divers, three Ocean Divers, three Sports Divers, and one dive leader trying to complete their training.

The first session saw a number of trainees complete their basic skills. (Mask Removal, DV Retrieval so on…) Apart from the water being a little on the chilly side, especially for anyone wearing a semidry suit. The majority of trainees completed the challenges and passed their basic skills.

The section session was more skills and involved a number of lifts including CBL (Controlled Buoyancy Lifts) and AS (Alternative Supply) lifts. The Sports divers also complete DSMB deployment and using a distance line.

The next day the trainees continued where they left off and done some discovery dives to explorer Vobster.

Overall it was a great weekend and the club plan to visit Vobster again soon.

You can see the pictures on our instagram account.

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