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Sea Dive Hern Bay Pier 13th August

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Date: 13th August2022
Location: Herne Bay
Visibility: 1M
High Tide: 15.00pm

Today Canterbury divers embarked on one of our clubs favourite sites Herne bay pier head. Dameon, Ryan, Adam, Jamie, and James headed out on the sea fury moored up against the pier head. We unloaded the boat and kitted up, then we heard “oh no” from Dameon who had forgotten a bit of kit. Adam thought it would be okay as it would only be something simple, that one of us could lend him, but no he managed to leave his BCD (buoyancy control device) in the back of his van, so two divers shot back to shore and grabbed the vital piece of kit.

Once back on the pier head  Adam and Jamie kitted up and done their buddy checks. Once their buddy checks were done they jumped in with an hour max dive time.
Adam and Jamie made their way down one of the pier legs and tied a line and reeled off.

The visibility was around one meter shortly dropping to half a meter as such Adam decided to call the dive. When making our way back to the boat we found some good visibility so we decided to have a little bimble about. During this time we managed to find a broken plate with some markings on presumably from the days of when the cafe was operating on the pier head. We managed half an hour before we decided enough was enough as the vis was not improving as we made it to the surface.

Dameon then took Ryan for his first dive as a qualified ocean diver, James tagged along with Dameon and Ryan. After about half an hour with low vis Dameon also decided to call the dive.

Due to the low visibility it was not the best dive but still all good experience for Jamie and Ryan in low vis. We then headed back to shore and got the boat out of the water, all packed up ready to go not before quenching our thirst with a nice pint from the divers Arms.
All in all another good day out and some great laughs

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