Trip Reports


Fordwich Litterpick

It's official, the litterpick dive will take place at Fordwich on Sunday 28th October. Meet at 9:30

Please note that parking is limited and we cannot simply use up all the pub's parking spaces so let's try and liftshare as far as possible, and also try to unload kit outside the pub and then move the cars elsewhere in the village to park

I'll give a briefing on the day of how we are going to do it, but you will probably need a goody bag, and we will need a couple of people to bring lifting bags so we can shift the bikes that are in the river. Don't forget it will be cold. We will rotate roles so that if you are getting cold you can help out with loading the rubbish ashore or simply warm up for a while before getting back in for another go.

I am going to reserve places for Sunday lunch that day - if you are planning to come along can you let me and Tom Reid know whether you are likely to stay for a bite in the pub afterwards or not and place your order by Thursday evening with Tom.

Food choices:

Roast Beef w. Yorkshire Pudding £9.95
Roast Lamb with mint sauce £9.95
Leek and Bacon stuffed chicken breast £9.95
Spinach and Mascarpone Lasagne £9.95
Jacket potato with
- Cheese £6.95
- Cheese and beans £6.95
- Chilli and cheese £7.25
- Prawns £8.55
- Tuna £7.95
- Coronation Chicken £7.95

There will be plenty to do ashore as well as in the water so non-divers are also welcome - even if it's only to give moral support or hand out the towels and cups of coffee.

We do need plenty of photographs to be taken on the day. Not least because as part of the litter pick scheme there is a cash prize for the club who submit the best photograph. This is likely to be a shot of a particularly odd, funny, or unusual bit of rubbish - or possibly just a really good picture of the litter pick in action. I think underwater pics would be good too.

Let me know if you are coming along, and please pass this on to whoever else in the club you think may be interested.

Simon W