Simon & Claire
JP's boat in the fog
Kay & Mandy
Puker up Gerry!
Claire & Simon
Rob, the hat and Alie
Dave C





Clay Pigeon shoot 14th February 2010 Martin Gorse shoot, Martin Mill, Dover
Dinner & Dance 20th February 2010 Canterbury Cricket Ground
Quiz night 10th April 2010

Herne Bay Angling Association


Annual Divefest 10/11th July 2010 Kingsdown Campsite

Awards at the 2010 Dinner and Dance:

Hugh Singer Trophy Phil Buckley for being  everywhere and doing everything in 2009
Diver Of The Year  Nik Starmer-Smith for having a such a long surname and being so enthusiastic
Photographer Of The Year Jason Armstrong for being brave and intrepid and creeping up on unsuspecting anemones
Video Of The Year  Debbie Phillips  there's only one ... Debs
Comedy Award (OSCA) Debbie Phillips for the comedy  trio and tent folding challenge
Navigation Award Sue Weaver for being blonde and getting off her bus in the middle of nowhere
Hot Shot  Terry Greenan for destroying so much innocent crockery at the clay pigeon shot
Champagne Moment Rob Harrison for just being Rob and organizing our summer holiday, 2 nights in a tent at Deal
Bouquet of Flowers Fiona and Claire each received a bouquet as a token of our thanks for all things social throughout 2009