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Seasearch 2015 Programme

Sunday afternoon (7th June)

Dive in the Stour at Fordwich .

Meet at the Fordwich Arms at 1:30pm and aim to be in the water for 2pm.

I for one will be interested to see how much rubbish has been dumped in the river since we did our litter pick.

Contact Dameon

Wednesday 17th June

Diving Herne Bay pier head/shore dive of off Minis Bay.

I will be talking to John Abbatt about using the club boats for the pier head dive early next week, so watch this space.



Weymouth 2015

2nd - 4th May

Saturday - Tom doing what he does best


1st annual Canterbury Divers Photo Competition

Unfortunately the dive was blown out so April’s dive competition was a little improvised.  Entries were accepted if they had been taken on the 11th of April and if they were dive related.  Here is the winning entry entered by Phil our training office.  Apparently the viz was excellent.




Canterbury Divers Annual Trip to Weymouth - 2015

The traditional Canterbury Divers epic trip to Weymouth will be on 2-3rd May 2015

£110 per person for accommodation and diving/fills
£55 per person just for diving/fills
£55 per person just for accommodation

Fantastic food, awsome diving, boat repair workshop and scallop retrieval

Weymouth trip report 2014

See Simon Woollett to book on a not-to-be-missed-event

Archaeology in the Club

This year Canterbury Divers have been lucky enough to work on three projects for English Heritage alongside commercial archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology.  This has given club members a valuable insight into the way that “proper” archaeology is carried out and has helped us to move forward in our own efforts.
In the summer several members dived on the wreck of an unidentified U-boat off the North Foreland in an attempt to confirm its type and settle its identity once and for all.
Towards the end of the season we supplied divers for trips to the sites of UB109 and UB78.  These dives were in connection with a project to thoroughly record and survey these wrecks at the centenary of the war in which they were sunk.
Later still we were lucky enough to be represented on a project to carry out a surface survey of the wreck of the SS Anglia – again as part of the centenary commemoration.
It has been a privilege to be involved in these projects – even in a peripheral way – and our thanks must go to English Heritage but also to the fantastic team of inspirational characters at Wessex Archaeology – most notably Graham Scott, Toby Gane, Peta Knott, and Steph Arnott.
Most gratifying has been the fact that we were able to contribute something worthwhile in terms of supplying video footage and stills that have genuinely assisted the projects.  Hopefully, there may be similar opportunities in the future.

Amy Johnson

The search for the wreckage of Amy Johnson’s aircraft has kept divers, researchers, and historians busy for many decades – and always without success.  Now Canterbury Divers have taken up the challenge.

The Amy Johnson Project

Heinkel HE-111 Project

Canterbury Divers now hold the licence to dive on, and excavate, the protected wreck of a Heinkel HE-111 bomber that was shot down in the Thames Estuary on 30th August 1940 during the height of the Battle of Britain.  Obtaining this licence has taken an enormous amount of work by club members in terms of diving on the wreck, identifying it, then countless hours spent researching records at Kew, RAF Hendon, and any number of other sources. 
The wreck may be the only H2 variant of the bomber still intact.   At present the location of the wreck has to remain closely guarded in order to prevent unscrupulous looting of the type that blighted the Dornier project on the Goodwin Sands in 2012.  However, work is on-going to establish the condition of the wreck, and a decision will be made as to whether the entire aircraft or any parts of it that are threatened with damage, destruction, or theft can be raised for conservation and display ashore.
At present the sea is doing a good job of covering the wreck and protecting it but the situation is being monitored and, in the event that it uncovers again and becomes vulnerable, work will continue on the site.

Anyone interested in hearing more about the project or in diving on the wreck should contact Simon Woollett via the club website.

326 go mad in Devon

Trip Report of the Club's trip to Plymouth

Weymouth 2014 report


Latest dive off Shakespeare Beach and the harbour arm at Dover on Tuesday evening

A lovely pootle with plenty of life: lobbies, crabs x 3 spp. squat lobsters, tompot blennies, a pale cream nudibranch . . the list goes on.

London Hyperbaric Chamber Trip

22nd March

A great day out - thanks to Kay for organising the trip

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'Canterbury Divers' Trip to Scapa Flow'

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Dive Magazine - read about Tom Reid's first dive off Dover in 'it happened to me' and Carl Freeborn's 'dive off Dover in low vis'






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